J. Warren ® Emerson (Jeff)

Sports & Nature Photographer


Jeff started his career in accounting eventually becoming a CPA and corporate controller. In the late eighties and early nineties he owned Inverness Greenery Orchid and Garden Center on Northwest Hwy. in Palatine IL  where he sold flowers and hybridized and sold orchids some of which won flower quality awards from the American Orchid Society. During that time he became interested in photography in order to photograph his orchids. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and the New York Institute of Photography, and he is a life long Chicago suburban resident. He has resided in Inverness, IL for over 35 years.

In the mid-nineties when Michael Jordan and the Bulls were winning NBA championships, Jeff start photographing professional shorting events where he used J. Warren ® as his copyright name on the photographs he sells through his website, finalshot.com which is one of the largest sports photography web sites on the internet with 28,000 photos. Finalshot.com offers the highest quality sports photographs available anywhere with an emphasis on Chicago sports teams.

In the late nineties Jeff started taking photographs birds at the Crabtree Nature Center a few miles from his home where great blue herons and egrets where nesting in dead trees and feeding in the lakes and wet lands.  This deveoped into an Interest in waterfalls, light houses, flowers, animals, sunsets, sunrises, etc. Jeff enjoys taking pictures of difficut subjects that require knowledge of the subject, how a camera works, and  what must be done to adjust the light to get the perfect photograph.  He believes photography is a combination of knowing what makes a great picture, knowledge of how cameras work, skill in using your equipment, patience, and good luck in being in the right place at the right time.

PATIENCE: Jeff often sits for hours waiting for the perfect lighting conditions to take his photographs and has stood in the middle of a river waist deep in water to get the perfect image of a waterfall.

KNOWLEDGE:  He studies birds and animals to see what they do just prior to the action he wants to photograph. As professional nature photographer, Jeff will taken over a thousands of photographs in a day just to get those ten percent that are crystal clear perfectly sharp images of bald eagle or other bird in flight. 

CAMERAS:  Jeff has invested in the best equipment available.  Jeff uses those huge lenses you see at sporting events and cameras that cost many thousands of dollars. A typical camera lens camers trpod combination used to photograph flying birds can cost in excess of $18,000.00.

Jeff is now offering to the public his finest photographs with the launch of his new website "baldeaglephotos.com". Many of his photographs can be sized to fit his customers needs. Photos can be as small as ten inches or in excess of eight feet. He will meet with a customer in the convenience of their home or office with hundreds of photos so that the customer can find the perfect image for their home or office.