Details You Need to Know



Details You Need to Know

How To Use This Website

Sign UP (top right corner)  The advantages of signing up are:

Faster check out with auto fill in of billing and shipping information

The use of the Add To Favorites Button to compare multiple images to make final choices for purchase.  The favorites button appears on the product page when you select the paper type and print size.  If you click on the Add To Favorites Button, the print will be added to your favorites list for comparing images or saved for future viewing.  If you click on Add To Cart the item will be place in your shopping cart..

After you have Signed Up, you simply Sign In on future visits.  If you leave this site and come back and Sign In again your favorites will still be there.

Sign In keeps track of your items in your shopping cart

When you sign in there will a "Fav?Compare" link in the blue menue bar.  This is the favorites link.  There will also be a small grey Shopping Cart for you to switch to your shopping  cart at any time.

There will also be a Small Brown Cardbord box to check on your orders at any time.  You will be able to check shipping date here.


Image Pricing & Website Placement

I will always place my judgement of the very best I have to offer at the beginning of each category of photos.  I judge photographs on the following criteria:

1. Sharpness of the image

2. Rarity of the image

3.  A clear view of the subjects face if there is a face.  For example, if I am photographing an eagle, I want to see at least one eye and a good view of the head and beak, and I want to see feather detail in the white head feathers.

I have a grading and pricing system.

Grade A is the ideal view of an image.  The image is difficult to obtain and is very sharpe and can be enlarged to very large sizes.  An example would be a bald eagle about to grab a fish with wing extended and thier claw open and forward or an Osprey standing piggyback on its mates back.  These image would have exceptional feather detail.

Grade B would also be an exceptional photograph that is exceptionally sharpe but maybe a lttle less unique and a lttle less difficult to capture

Grade C would be slightly less unique and less difficult to obtain than a Grade B

The remaining photos I offer would all be exceptional photos but may have limits as to how much they can enlarged.

It is very difficult to judge how far any given photo can be enlarged without actually enlarging them.  I have tried to estimate enlargement possibilities.  From time to time I may have to refuse an order for a given enlargement because when I try to enlarge it, the image won't meet my very  high quality standard.  If this happens I will recommend similar images that meets the customer size requirement.

All of my pricing is base on quality, rarity, difficulty to obtain, and the cost of obtaining an image.


Computer Monitor Colors

Unless you use a color calibation device like Xrite's Color Munki or the Macbeth Eye1 to calibrate your computer monitor, you will not see accurate colors on any website you visit.  Even the same brand and model of monitor will display colors differently from one monitor to the next identical monitor.  Changing video card will also affect the colors displayed.  I have color calibrated all of my monitors and printers so that the colors I see on my monitor is a true match to the prints from my printers. Even after being adjusted, monitors cannot show the fine detail a finish print can show.  Monitors tend to blow out the fine detail in waterfall water and white bird feathers. In addition most monitors display images at 72 dots per Inch while printed images are up to 1200 dots per inch.  Thus a printed image will always have more detail than any image viewed on a monitor.

I adjust the color in all of my images to reflect the actual colors of my subject matter.  If you have not calibrated your computer monitor, the color you are seeing when viewing the images on this website will differ from the colors of the prints you receive.  If you have multiple computers the colors you see will in all likelyhood vary significantly from one computer to the next computer.