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BaldEaglePhotos.com has been created to provde the public with a place to view and purchase the naure photographs of  Jeffrey Warren Emerson.  MY goal is to provide the highest quality nature and scenic photographs available.  Badeaglephotos.com is located at

350 Willow Sreet

Inveness, IIinois  60010-5814 

Our phone number is 847 358-9917.

It takes approximatly one week to produce and shipphotograph.

I will always place my judgement of the very best I have to offer at the beginning of each category of photos.  I judge photographs on the following criteria:

1.  Sharpness of the image

2. Rarity of the image

3.  A clear view of the sujects face if there is a face.  For example, if I am photographing an eagle, I want to see at least one eye and a good view of the head and beak, and I want to see feather detail in the white head feathers.

I have a grading and pricing system.

Grade A is the ideal view of an image.  The image is difficult to obtain and is very sharpe and can be enlarged to very large sizes.  An example would be a bald eagle about to grab a fish with wing extended and thier claw open and forward or an Osprey standing piggyback on its mates back.  These image would have exceptional feather detail.

Grade B would also be an exceptional photograph that is exceptionally sharpe but maybe a lttle less unique and a lttle less difficult to capture

Grade C would be slightly less unique and less difficult to obtain than a Grade B

The reaiining photo I offer would all be exceptional photos but may have limits as to how large they can enlarged.

It is very difficult to judge how far any given photo can be enlarged without actually enlarging them.  I have tried to estimate enlargement possibilities.  From time to time I may have to refuse an order for a given enlargement because when I try to enlarge it, the image won't meet my very  high quality standard.  If this happens I will recommend similar images that meets the customer size requirement.

All of my pricing is base on quality, rarity, difficulty to obtain, and the cost of obtaining an image.